The World 's Adventures Can Write And Publish A Writing Essay

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Writing publicly to a great mass used to be limited and only available to those who were privileged enough to have the proper tools and skills to write and publish a writing, but thanks to the internet now everyone from a housewife in Mozambique who likes to share her recipes to a freelancer traveling the southeastern parts of Asia who wants to show the world his adventures can write publicly. The most preferred and common means to either write publicly or share content nowadays are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (blogs and etc.) and Instagram. I personally am not affiliated to any of those means and never made use of them, but I am aware that each of those tools are used differently, because of their differences such as aimed audience, level of depth, significance of message, and the media such as text (limit or none), visuals (picture, video, diagram and etc.), hashtags and etc. For my English in-class exercises I choose to write about asking and convincing my audience to donate to and support the Syrian refugees, because both of my parents used to be refugees who fled Saddam’s cage of injustice and death, therefore I feel a strong bond to all refugees who try to escape their turmoil. Before I started to write on my fake Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr posts I thought about the aimed audience, the purpose of the post, my stance on this matter, the preferred genre, and the metacognition of the whole process. After that I came to realize that understanding complex thought processes…

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