The World Wide Proliferation Of Terrorism Essay

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Since September 11, 2001, the idea of widespread terrorism has been at the forefront of global media. The world-wide proliferation of terrorism using unconventional methods has had drastic effects on several countries around the world, and more importantly on the individuals living within these states. The use of violence to dictate political agendas has been extensively used historically; terrorism’s roots can be traced back to the widespread killings of the bourgeoisie and monarchs during the French revolution of 1789. Terrorism has been used almost exclusively by rebel groups to assert their will on general populations; the effects of it are extensive and overwhelmingly negative, particularly on the individuals directly affected by it.
The general fear terrorism creates on entire populations, the modern idea of terrorism – no one really knows how to define it; America may have declared a new war against terrorism, but it turns out that no one is all that sure just what terrorism is. No one definition of terrorism has gained universal acceptance, the State Department said in a report on world terrorism in 2000. The key elements to terrorism are obvious to many violence, noncombatant targets, intention of spreading fear, and political aims. But crafting a watertight, commonly accepted definition has proven difficult. In a nutshell, is the threat and use of both psychological and physical force in violation of international law, by state and sub-state agencies for…

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