The World War II Essay

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Homage to the World

World War II started as the success of deeply-rooted sense that equality is merited by removing the life of others, and became the defining moment of the twentieth century, much greater than the Great War. Amidst the second World War, though many nations took either the side of the Allies or the Axis, there was a major country that did not, Spain. They were in a conflict and struggle of their own. Specifically, the Spanish Civil War took place from 1936 to 1939 between the Nationalists, the fascist group, and the Republicans, the Democratic group. In particular, an autonomous community of Catalonia hired a private and longed before being established as a famous novelist, George Orwell, into The Workers’ Party of Marxist Unification, the leftist political party. Through the accounts of Orwell as he combatted fascism, away from his wife, in the harsh winter, and with a bullet in his neck, he illustrated how this civil war is representative of the political and the social conflict in 1930s’ Europe, which would preclude the 1940s’ Europe engulfed by warfare. Informatively, quotes are cited from the physical book Homage to Catalonia published by “Will Jonson & Dog’s Tail Books”. What made this war political and social, was the inhumanity, the lack of peaceful leadership, the ignorance of the masses, and passion of the fight. “The political atmosphere ought to have warned me that that was not the kind of thing one could do nowadays.” (Orwell, p. 88)

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