The World War II Was An Atrocious Event Essay

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World War II was an atrocious event that affected not only Europe, but also the international community. The politics surrounding the war is still largely present in modern day politics. Adolf Hitler, who was a former Nazi German dictator, initiated World War II. Through historical analysis of the nineteenth century, this paper will argue that the balance of power in Europe and the rise of nationalism are long-term causes, which led to the outbreak of World War II.

The first European revolution took place in France, one of the strongest European nations in the beginning of the eighteenth century. Philosophies of the enlightenment desacralized the authority of the monarchy, which largely influenced the politics of the French Revolution. The French Revolution ended when Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed himself the savior of France. Napoleon dubiously used the revolutionary principles of equality and liberty to gain support. In 1799, Napoleon became the First Consul of France, and then two years later, he established an empire in France. Napoleon’s new empire continued to expand across most of western and central Europe. Certainly, the wave of revolutionary ideas from the French Revolution, flooding across Europe concerned the European empires however; Napoleon’s imperialist motives in Europe caused anxiety among the European monarchs more than the threat of revolution itself.
European monarchs assembled at the Congress of Vienna in 1814-15 to reorganize Europe after the…

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