Essay on The World War II Berlin

1048 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
In pre-World War II Hamburg, Germany a group of young kids who listen to American jazz music are faced with the harsh reality of the Nazi policies and restrictions placed on the German youths. The impact of three friends decisions leads to either life or death. Overall, the film provided a detailed and accurate point of view of young Germans and their varied reactions to Nazism. The filmmakers portrayed both the point of view of the young Germans supporting the war and of the Swing kids. For instance, Arvid states that Nazism can get away with whatever they want simply because they are in control. Everyone gets out of the Hitler Youth’s way because they get anything they want and go anywhere they please. Furthermore, other Swing kids repeatedly refer to the Hitler Youth as pigs and evil individuals. Meanwhile, the Hitler Youth view Nazism as the best thing that happened to them since it enabled them to “wise up”. They are special and have found a brotherhood for the sake of their country. As a result of Nazism, swing kids have to hide their love for jazz music during the day by participating in Hitler Youth schools while at the night, they leave behind the Hitler ideals to dance in hidden clubs. This film taught me about Nazi Germany that I had not known before is that young people were brainwashed into spying on their parents, friends, and loved ones and report those who were disloyal to the Nazi government. For instance, I could not believe that Thomas falsely reported…

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