The World War II And The Cold War Essay

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During the World War II and the Cold War, there was a need in military usage to helped influence the digital computer influence. What the military need were to have faster calculation, deciphering enemies code, and protection at home base; these were the goals needed to help win the war. With these goals in mind, the military and the geniuses would able to created the ENIAC for inputting faster calculation of the target’s range, the Colossus Mark for breaking the German’s code and ending the world quicker, and the S.A.G.E. a computer-controlled air defense of the U.S., protecting the people from the Soviet Union’s air strike. Among each ideal goal, whether it was offense or defense, each goal had replicated itself into the digital computer.
ENIAC is known the Electronic Numeric Integrator and Computer or Project PX, which was created by John W. Mauchly as chief consultant and John Presper Eckrt as chief engineer. The idea was to create a compute for calculating artillery ballistic table with the setting used for different weapons under varies conditions for target accuracy. However before having the idea of creating ENIAC, there was already a Ballistic Research Laboratory created in 1938 with the purpose of calculating gunnery trajectories to fire with variables taken accounted for, such as air pressure, water pressure, wind, typed of shell, local gravitation and angle. Then there was also, the Moore School where women are trained to become computers. These women had worked…

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