The World War I Was The Start Of A New Change Essay

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World War One was the start of a new change for the world. But what really went on behind that? All of the small actions that made a huge difference. There were over 35 million civilian and soldier casualties in World War One. Over 15 million died and 20 million were wounded. People are not educated enough on World War One, people should know about how soldiers lived, what they experienced when the came home, and the impact that the women really made on the war.
We we into World War One completely blind. Women played a big role while the men were fighting in war. They risked their lives everyday just so they could get their loved ones to come back and support their family.People assumed that when the soldiers got back from war, they would just return to their old jobs and lifestyle. Little did they know, when the soldiers got back, everything would change in some way, and that is not something people were prepared for. Soldiers were given nasty, cold, chewy food. It was a miracle when they received anything other than the usual. World War One isn’t black and white, there are many different colors included, you just have to look if you want to find them.
30,000 women were recruited to handle explosives, ammunition factories produced 80% of the weapons and shells used by the British Army. Women started to take over the man jobs, such as conductors, postal workers, police officers, firefighters, railway guards, ticket…

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