The World War I Had Just Ended Essay example

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The decade of 1920s was definitely a decade of change because there were many innovations that also caused the general mentality of the society to change and promoted the people’s desire to improve. It was called the roaring 20s. The 1920s gave the United States things such as jazz, movies, radio, different ethics, automobile, secrecy on alcohol trade (gangsters), prosperity, credit, immigrants, economic crisis, freedom, dancing and a lot more. Hollywood was settled after World War I, and many celebrities started to rise. Poetry started appearing too. The World War I had just ended. There is an economic expansion from the beginning of the decade. This is because many different companies started to appear. The most significant one is the automobile industry, which promotes many other different industries such as the oil and gas industries, the steel industry, the rubber industry, the concrete industry or the aviation and chemical industries. It also leads to create a system of roads and highways. The dollar replaced the pound and the use of credit started too.
As Henry IV made the cars cheap enough, most of the people could afford one. This promoted liberty and freedom in many aspects. It suggested new cultural horizons, promoted tourism and facilitated suburbanization. But it also influenced some negative changes. For example, it challenged the stability of the family life, as people could have jobs further from their house or could just go on a ride for fun by their own,…

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