The World War I Had Been A Terrible Ordeal Essay

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World War I had been a terrible ordeal for the German people who were forced to endure food shortages and mass inflation that crippled an empire and permanently scarred a people. When the Nazis began to move towards beginning another war of German conquest, they saw it as critical that these mistakes of the past be avoided at all cost. The simplest and most straightforward way to ensure the continued popular support of the German people was through keeping their lives stable and prosperous. Protect the German populace at the expense of any other nation or race. During the war, the Nazis’ achieved this through siphoning the capital and assets of the occupied countries right to the German Reich. The Holocaust also allowed for the seizure of the entire wealth of the European Jewry without the necessary justifications that came with taxation of the Germans themselves. Together, this pool of resources flowed directly into the finance department of the state government and allowed the war to be waged on foreign soil with minimal consequence for the general German masses.
This is the argument that Gotz Aly makes in his book Hitler’s Benificiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazis Welfare State. The Nazis wanted to wage a war in order to reach Germany’s place in the sun but they did not want to sacrifice the popular support that was necessary to keep them in power. In order to do this, the Nazis quite literally bought and paid for the loyalty of their citizenry. It is this main…

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