The World War I Chose This Artwork Essay

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I chose this artwork because it represents the largest Asian war to occur in the 20th century. This war was called the Second Sin-Japanese War, and it occurred in 1937 between China and Japan, and lasted for eight years until it ended in 1945. This piece of artwork was made in Shanghai, and it was named The Art of Influence: Asian Propaganda. This art piece shows the aspect of the war by the drawing of the tanks, planes, etc. The Sin-Japanese War occurred because of a decade-long Japanese imperialist policy targeting China politically and military in order to obtain their vast materials. China was able to fight Japan with the economical help they received from Germany, The United States, and The Soviet Union. In 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, in which the war merged into the greater conflicts of another tragic war, World War Two. The war ended when Japan surrendered in 1945.

This artwork is connected to the novel The Kitchen God’s Wife because it relates the war between China and Japan, the Sin-Japanese War, to the war Winnie faced in China in the nineties which was World War Two. It was not through newspapers, and media that Winnie soon discovered a war was brewing, but it was the local gossip and rumors which brought the idea of war to her attention. The war began when the couple moved to Hangchow in order for Winne’s husband, Wen Fu to finish his training as a pilot at an American-style air force school. This is when Winnie meets her saviour, Helen. Helen…

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