Essay about The World War I And The Treaty Of Versailles

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Canada had many wars in its history. One of the biggest war that affected Canada was the World war one, as the World war one affected Canada politically and Economically. World war one resulted in some cultural changes. At first these cultural changes affected Canada in a negative way, but then became motivation for changes when the war ended. Canada developed a strong nation both politically and economically after World War One. Canada established its independence as a nation politically both internally and externally. This independence was shown with the treaty’s, such as the Halibut Treaty and the Treaty of Versailles. The battle of Vimy Ridge also brought the nation together as a whole because it showed that we did not need Britain’s help. Canada also went through some economic changes after the war. After the war the economy had increased more than the beginning of the war. Before the war, Many people in Canada had good jobs and were working in the factories providing munitions for the war but they ended up losing their jobs. World War One had a huge impact on Canada, but why did Canada go to war on first place? and how did it affect Canada during that time? World War one started in 1914 and ended in 1918. This war was the bloodiest war in Canadian history as 61,000 Canadians died during that time. The Canadian Parliament didn 't choose to go to war in 1914. Canada was part of the British Empire. So when Britain declared war on Germany on 4 August 1914, Canada was in…

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