The World War I And The Great War Essay examples

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In the early 1900’s the United States was growing in many ways. There were great inventions from the Tender Teens that had come about that lead up to the Great War, which is also known as World War 1. This war began in 1914 and brought a various amount of impacts to America. There were political hardships that came about by North America’s President Woodrow Wilson and the government, there were social impacts that were a result of the war, and there were money issues that affected our economy. But what these things really affected was the United States Homefront. As I said before the President during World War 1 was Woodrow Wilson. He was an idealist and a pacifist, meaning he didn’t really believe that war was the right way to go when having conflict with one another. He wanted the world to just be peaceful and calm. But after so many things had happened before hand like Zimmerman’s telegraph to Mexico and the R.M. Lusitania ship blowing up, he had to do something to put a stop to it. Why did he choose for his country to join the war exactly? To make sure Germany didn’t win, which leads right back to the political factor of the war. It was the Central Powers against the Allies at the time. (Document 1) Hulet M. Wells was a representative from Seattles Central Labor Counci in 1914 representing 25,000 workers in the same year the war had started. He says “No possible outcome of such an international war can benefit to any extent whatever the workers, whose enemies are not…

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