Essay about The World War I And The Cold War

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When it comes to thinking about war, people often may wonder whether or not it brings positive or negative impacts to the countries that participated. For the purpose of this paper, the question at hand is whether or not the second world war and the cold war had a positive or negative influence on American and Soviet science. Too simply answer this question, the American science program benefited from world war 2 and the Cold War while the soviet union did not. This will be discussed in greater detail later on in the paper. With this said, the paper will start with examples of how American science benefited from the war. Examples such as MIT and Stanford will be discussed. After that, the paper will shift gears and explain why science in the soviet union did not receive nearly as great of an influence on their science programs from the war as the Americans did. By the end of the paper, a thorough understanding of how the two different science programs were impacted from the wars will be well-established. Starting off, the first example of the positive benefits America received from the wars will look at Stanford University. Way back before Stanford was known for what it is known for today, it was a lower end school with little notoriety. Stanford did not have the financial assistance to maintain satisfactory levels due to the industries having little to no interest of sending funds there way (403). Because Stanford University did not have the necessary funds, that meant…

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