The World Views Every Race, Gender, Religion, And Discrimination

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There are billions of people on the earth. In America alone, there are over 300 million people. Because there are so many people it becomes easier to stereotype people and base our judgments of them off these categories. The world views every race, gender, religion, etc. in a generalized way. Common misconceptions are: all white Americans are obese and lazy, all Mexicans are lazy and illegal immigrants, all Arabs and Muslims are terrorists, all blacks outside of the United States are poor, women are not as smart as men, girls are not good at sports, all blondes are unintelligent, and many more (Stereotype examples). These general ideas are very dangerous when we look at the interconnectedness of the world. When people start to judge others based on stereotypes they have decided are true the entire population suffers. Obviously not all Americans are obese and lazy, not all Mexicans who immigrated to America are illegally there, not all Muslims are terrorists, not all blacks are impoverished, men are not always smarter than women, girls can be good at sports, and there are blondes who are smart. By pigeonholing people into these categories the world is losing valuable insights into life. If we stop listening to blonde American women because we think they are dumb and obese we lose many points of view. The same is true of the other stereotypes. By reducing people to a single story they lose their individuality. In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Half of a Yellow Sun she…

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