Essay The World Trade Organization Is Making Progress

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International Trade is a game that consists of winners and losers when it comes to the global economy. However, the biggest loser is the effect of trade from imports and exports have on the environment. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the overseer of all the trade deals that are negotiated and agreed among between countries. The WTO also enforces rules and policies that assist with making sure trading flow according to the legitimate procedures. In the “The Greening of the WTO”, Michael M. Weinstein and Steve Charnovitz argues how the World Trade Organization negative impact on the environment as been overshadowed by the changes the organization is trying to make. The argument is that the World Trade Organization lacks enforcement. In the “International Political Economy”, Thomas Oatley argues that when it comes to trying to enforce agreements we must apply the prisoners’ dilemma theory. Weinstein and Charnovitz focus on how the World trade organization is making progress; however, they lack a consensus between their members which has cause the environmental trade policies to be stagnant. This paper will examine how Oatley, prisoners’ dilemma theory argument will help understand Weinstein and Charnovitz argument on whether WTO can make progress on the environmental issue by enforcing policies and regulations throughout their members. In Weinstein and Charnovitz article is about the environment movement and the progress that has been made in bringing awareness. The…

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