The World Three Important Religions Essay

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The world three important religions; Islam, Christianity and Judaism are often debated for their competing and differentiated doctrines and beliefs system. However, this essay argues that there are more similarities between these religions than differences. In order to understand the similarities and differences between these religions, it is important to know about their basic belief system.
Islam is a religion, which emerged in the 7th century and the followers of Islam are known as Muslims. Muslims follow the teachings of Quran and Sunnah (way of life) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The main doctrine of Islam is the belief in Allah (God), Angels, past Prophets, day of Judgment, predestination and lastly but not the least the revelations (holy books) of God (Waines, 2003).
Christianity on the other hand is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus is God’s incarnation. There are two Holy Scriptures in Christian religion; Old Testament and New Testament. Christians believe in the oneness of God, and consider God as the creature of universe, heavens and everything.
Jewish religion is based on the holy scripture of Torah and the prophet hood of Moses. A dictionary definition of a Jew says that a member of the Judah tribe or an Israelite. According to the Jewish religion, God is one, and he is the only one to be worshiped. They also believe that God monitors all deeds of humans, and they are rewarded according to the nature of their deeds.…

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