The World Runs On Energy Essay

1685 Words Mar 12th, 2015 7 Pages
The world runs on energy. Very few of us would be alive today if it weren 't for the creation of electricity, a creation that has not only changed the world, but is the first technology to bring us beyond. It has quite literally powered everything since the second industrial revolution. With the strong demand by humans to secure energy came the strong desperation to obtain more of it. We quickly needed it for almost every aspect of modern society.
Technology spurs from desperation. We quickly started obtaining energy from anything that we could. Steam, coal, wind, solar, and nuclear were all options on the table for harnessing energy. The technology of harnessing electricity has been advancing ever since we discovered any way to benefit from it.
This paper focuses mostly on the domestic use of nuclear power. There are many more places in the world where nuclear power is used and misused. The technology is out there for all to look on to. The question for the future is ‘How will they use it?’ On a large scale there and many different viewpoints in how we should handle this technology that has, and will, change the world. Many places are just getting started on their nuclear embankments and others have signed peace treaties and ceased their destructive uses for these harsh elements. These elements still hold great use in the means of producing electricity. I chose to focus on the United States due to the fact they were the early pioneers of this technology, and are the only…

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