Essay The World Of World War II

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Standing as the center of Europe’s economic force, Germany has transformed numerous times over the past century. From the tyrannical and hated country at the forefront of World War II to now being a formidable ally to not only the United Nations, but all of Europe and the world. Today, Germany has overwhelmingly exceeded the expectations of its post-World War II military, economic, and political downfalls. With the restructuring of its economy, Germany has now become the number one support channel within Europe. They have secured their spot as the ally to have in your corner. Germany is geographically a tiny country, measuring in at approximately the size of Texas, compared to its immense counterparts such as the United States or China. The country’s work ethic is so extensive that Germanys Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was ranked number one, the largest in Europe and fourth overall in the world. After the economic devastation in the 1940’s, what was their peculiar idea to rise to the top? The answer? They had none. The key to their economic success was stable growth in existing niche industries and limiting their excess in spending and debt (4). The prime focus of German productions has always been placed on the quality of the product not just the quantity, which could not be replicated by their foreign counterparts, therefore, their exports would continue to increase immensely over time. Leading the German exports are their motor vehicles, such as: Opel, Volkswagen,…

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