Essay on The World Of World War II

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The economic circumstances that faced Germany and its people propelled Hitler into the highest office of the land. However, the aggression that Hitler exposed the world to was not the goal of the German people rather that of the Nazis. The economic devastation of World War I coupled with the resentment for the victors and strong belief in sonderweg allowed for the Nazis to use the economy as a conduit for their savage campaign. The Germans before WWI were the strongest military power in continental Europe, had a massive industrial centre and a stable economy. The empire that the Kaiser ruled over spanned from New Guinea to German South-West Africa. However, after the war, significant sacrifices were made for peace. The compulsory abdication of the Kaiser, reparations and demilitarisation. The economic circumstances of the Weimar Republic were frail. A series of economic catastrophes such as hyperinflation, failure to pay reparations and the great depression crippled the economy further. This would result in the Nazis ascent to power and their economic management. The economy that was led by them was initially based on luck. The economy of the Weimar republic was decimated and at its lowest point with nowhere to go but up. However, the Nazis economic management was effective, with the large investment in public works and a rigidly planned economy. This meant a curtailing of rights in order to achieve these goals. This question of what rights, morals, and obligations were…

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