The World Of Wild Animals Essay

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This book begins with Alan de Queiroz explaining his map that he had on his wall, “As something of a map hoarder... I appreciate a map made with care…” (1). It 's a Mercator-style map, one that makes Greenland seem as large as Africa, and it 's titled The World of Wild Animals. He begins to explain how little children can connect the dots when it comes to the correlation between the continents and their inhabitants even though a five-year-old can confuse Africa and Australia. He hopes that children will soon understand that the reason why animals have certain characteristics is because of evolution. And that 's how he begins to explain one of his main points throughout this book, how animals evolved due to isolation from each other. ()
De Queiroz explains that the reason we have such a wide variety of species that are also so similar is because of certain continents drifting from one another. An example of this is how puffins that looks so similar to penguins yet they can withstand much higher temperature climates because they may have once lived on Antarctica but were forced to evolve in order to survive in these new climates. Species evolve from other species, it 's believed that there was a single ancestor that both Puffins and penguins shared, but they have then evolved into two completely different species. I find this interesting because I 've always wondered about this but never really thought about the vicariance hypothesis having something to with evolution. We’ve…

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