The World Of Warcraft ( Wow ) Essay

1183 Words Sep 19th, 2016 5 Pages
It is undeniable that the community of gaming has grown exponentially within the past couple years but there has been one community that has stood out from the crowd and for about twelve years. World of Warcraft (WoW) is a major community that may not be thought of when thinking about gaming. The WoW community meets and exceeds the six characteristics that Swales described that are needed for a discourse community. The thought that gaming’s true form is only in first person shooters (FPS) is a common misconception that many outside the WoW gaming community think. The community numbers may have dropped from its peak numbers but the amount of players that are continuously playing and return are still massive. Even when players quit or leave WoW the game can make a major impact on how people see games they play from then on. Players who still play or have left WoW understand that Swales six characteristics very well even if they do not realize it. First characteristic is that there is an agreed set of common goals. These goals can range drastically from how people decide play the game but there is an overarching goal to have fun. You can play player vs. environment, player vs. player, and role play. These three ways of playing are genres inside the game that you can focus on. To stick to the one I know most is PvE. The common goal of PvE is to get your character strong enough to be able to defeat bosses with at least four other players. This strengthening process is…

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