The World Of Volunteer Search And Rescue Essay

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Workplace conflict is an unfortuante scourge that is all but inevitable in today’s highly competitive businesses. Competing values, personalities and motives all combine to create ideal conditions in which conflict germinates. As the stewards of organizational mission and performance, leaders and managers must be adept at resolving, or at the least reducing, workplace conflict. Research has found that conflict is an unavoidable human phenomenon, but that managers can take steps to reduce its impact (Zia, 2013). This paper will discuss a occurring workplace conflict and identify methods that can be utilized to reduce the problem behavior.
The world of volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR) is deceptively high pressure, as these groups are tasked with assisting police agencies with searching for the lost and missing. Often, high achieving, opinionated volunteers are attracted to the field, lured by the promise of excitement and making a tangible difference. The amalgam of pressure and personality often lead to conflicts that fester if not handled promptly and with diligence. A recent difference of opinion between the President of an Atlanta-based SAR organization with one of the senior team members presents an excellent example of workplace conflict and how it can be better mitigated with particular conflict resolution techniques. In this particular conflict, the organizational President, who will be called John, and a senior team member, who will be called Susi,…

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