The World Of Trials And Tribulations Essay

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In order for any great civilization to flourish, a time of trials and tribulations needs to exist in order to set a foundation for what is successful and what constitutes failures. At times these learning’s may not always be as prosperous as expected however with time, civilizations grow to prevail as the Qin and Han dynasties showed in imperialist China for more than two millennia. In order to do so, the First Emperor of the Qin Empire, Qin Shi Huang in 221 BC, recognized that in order to have successful civilizations one needed to establish a vast working system such as those of the Greeks and Romans during the classical time period. Although this period did not have the longevity of other dynasties, it did however set the foundation for future empires to come and has carried on to, “manifest itself in in political service, religion, literature, and many other aspects of Chinese life,” (Lewis, 2). Through these vast efforts and establishments, the Qin and Han were able to reshape Chinese culture into a more unified, multi-national and power-centralized state in the Chinese history, which has continued to prevail to this day (Lewis, 1).
Imperialist China under the Qin and Han, hierarchal systems were established where many of its leaders were often a direct divine lineage to religious leaders. The foundations established by the Qin and Han can arguably be associated with shaping modern day civilizations. In order to gain the respect and establish a system of rules and laws,…

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