The World Of The Soviet Revolution Essay

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The world was in turmoil. Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany, had invaded Europe quickly and aggressively. America was adamant about staying out of the war, until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, a peaceful Sunday morning. In 1942, Germany invaded the USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The USSR, led by Stalin, begged America to come help, but the United States stalled and stayed in England to prepare for an invasion in 1944. Although the United States had lost a devastating amount of people (1,009,000), the USSR lost 23,954,000, a whole generation. After Hitler was finally stopped, the United States asked for the USSR’s help with Japan. The USSR refused. They had lost enough men. After the war ended, both in Europe and the Pacific, the tensions between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic were already strained. Unfortunately, the United States had played a card that all other countries were desperate to have, nuclear weapons. On the 29th of August 1949, the USSR became the second nation to successfully develop a nuclear bomb. After the war, Germany was divided into four parts between the nations of France, United States, Great Britain, and the USSR. The largest was given to the USSR. The city of Berlin was also divided between the four countries. The United States, France, and Britain wanted to give back Germany after a while, but the Soviet Union refused. In 1961, East Germany, ruled under the Soviet Union, built a…

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