The World Of The Odyssey By Homer Essay

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The world of The Odyssey by Homer does not abide by the same rules as the modern world. The Greeks lived in a world filled with uncertainties, double-standards, and revenge. Odysseus, “the man of twists and turns,” was twisted, turned, and, most of all, tempted on his journey home through this treacherous land. (1, 1) On his journey, Odysseus changes, a lot. Fame and glory, for example, were things that he used to strive for; however, as he travels, we begin to see Odysseus as more cautious, and less impulsive. Odysseus undergoes many types of change like this; I will be focusing on his lust for women (Circe, Calypso, Nausicaa). At the outset of his journey, he was quite willing to sleep with the women he came across; however, this lust fades as time goes on, and Odysseus realizes that home is what he truly desires. After fighting in the Trojan war, Odysseus faced a new challenge: getting home, and it took him 10 years since he left Troy. Was it any surprise that he yearned for female company while he was away? Not to mention, the moral standards of Ancient Greece certainly allowed him to take any number of mistresses other than his wife. His first encounter was with the bewitching goddess Circe. Despite her evil nature, Odysseus is quite willing to take the witch goddess to bed, even if it is just “a plan of action” to save his men, who were turned into animals. (10, 324) When Circe says that Odysseus taking her to bed would “breed deep trust between them,” he could not…

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