The World Of The Nuyorican Movement Essay

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The walls vibrated with colors and the strokes of pencil danced across the pages. Twist and turns of materials displayed in tall glasses cases for all eyes to see. The exhibit for all to see especially the students interested in learning additional information about Latino background. This is how I felt as I walked through Musel del Barrio. I was quite excited to go to the Museo del Barrio because it was one of the museums in New York City that I have not been to. During this semester, my interest in the Nuyorican movement has grown. I was interested in learning more about the movements and the impact the museum had on the community.
Museo del Barrio is located at 1230 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029 also known as East Harlem. East Harlem is also known as El Barrio or Spanish Harlem, where various Latino cultural sites are located. In 1969, Raphael Montañez Ortiz founded El Museo del Barrio, which was the first museum in the United States devoted Latino art. During this time was the rise of Nuyorican movement that spurred a cultural, intellectual movement involving, writers, musicians and artists who are Puerto Rican or of Puerto Rican descent in New York City. Stated on the Museo Del Barrio website are a few motives why the museum was created. Some aims are to have a focus on artists that create art within New York City. To grow their collection of the graphics and Taíno holdings. Their mission is “to develop focused holdings in areas that are overlooked or underrepresented…

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