The World Of The New World Essay

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On May 30, 1498, conquistador and explorer Christopher Columbus set sail on his third voyage to the New World. After his first two voyages around the Caribbean, the adventurer finally set foot in what would today be modern-day Venezuela. These first steps into the New World would forever change South America culturally, historically and economically. Today, due to the historical prevalence of their previous European colonizers, South America has begun to develop into a growing continent filled with industry, trade, tourism, and sadly war. Since its foundation, South America has never compared to the Western world economically. This has affected many people because of a rapidly expanding income inequality, which in turn caused an incredible amount of poverty in the middle and lower class. This is a result of the unequal distribution of wealth between these classes. There are many factors that play into the unstable economy of South America such as political instability, drug trafficking, inability to pay high International debt and archaic colonization. One of the major ways South America has started to overcome this lack of economic stability is through increased tourism. According to the Inter-American Development Bank, “Tourism accounts for 6.4% of total direct and indirect employment in Latin America or 1 in every 15.7 jobs in 2009. These numbers are even higher in the Caribbean region where tourism supports 12.6% of total employment.” (IADB) Every…

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