The World Of The Middle East Essay

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Some of the earliest known evidence of sailing comes from what is today known as the Middle East. The Mesopotamians were no strangers to the movement of goods across great land distances, but they also developed great port cities. Ur was one of the Mesopotamian cities that not only grew, but thrived, at its strategic location where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers enter the Persian Gulf. Located in such a prime location, Ur became a massive epicenter for commerce in the ancient times and was engaged in trade routes as far away as India (Mark). The long-distance trade, achieved through the development of shipping, fueled the growth of this entire region. Metals, grains, and other valuable resources from UR were primarily shipped using river barges and seagoing ships. As time progressed, people began to settle outside of UR in an area, which became known as Sumer (Wayne, 2012). This could be one of the earliest examples of urban sprawl. The innovations in maritime transportation allowed civilizations to shift their focus past the most resource rich lands to ones more suitable for commerce and wealth.
Once discovered, it was very clear that shipping was the wave of the future and civilizations began to refine the science. The Vikings developed a much more efficient hull design and the Arabs invented the modern day triangular sail. This new sail and hull design allowed for ships to sail outside of perfectly downwind, a restriction of square sails (Merlin). As time progressed…

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