The World Of The Holocaust Essay example

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The Holocaust is described by this section as the quintessential genocide. I agree with the author on this matter due to the efficiency in which a whole ethnic group was nearly wiped out. While Jewish Europeans were at the epicenter of the Holocaust, many other groups were subject to mass killings as well. These so called “untermensch” or sub-human individuals, included the mentally handicapped, Homosexuals, Gypsies, Slavs, and Russians. The Nazis attempted to exterminate these groups due to the belief that they did not conform to Nazism’s ideal human specimen, the Aryan. Hitler defined an Aryan as a White male with Blond hair and Blue eyes. All others below this standard were supposedly inferior.
Yehuda Bauer provides several interesting features regarding the Nazi death camps. First, there was no deep-rooted reason behind the annihilation of these groups. Those deemed “undesirable” were killed only because they were not born under the right circumstances. Another important fact was the international scope of the Holocaust. As Nazi Germany expanded its borders, death squads rounded up Jews and other individuals. They were either sent to camps in Germany and Poland or they were executed on the spot. The final and one of the most impactful features was that Nazism left nothing positive behind after its destruction. When examining the state in which Europe was left throughout the course of the war, all that comes to mind is a broken continent. Most of Europe’s beautiful,…

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