The World Of The First Crusade Essay

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Over a hundred thousand people died during the time of the First Crusade. The First Crusade was a devastatingly long fight between the Christians and the Seljuk Turks for many reasons, but the main reason being because the Seljuk Turks were residing in Jerusalem. The Christians had many reasons for starting the First Crusade which impacted the Christian and Islamic relationship forever. The capture of Jerusalem by the Muslim forces along with the letter sent to Pope Urban II by Emperor Alexius I asking for military aid, collectively, led to the tragic event of the First Crusade.
It is important to understand that there were a few events that led to the First Crusade, but ultimately the biggest event was the capture of Jerusalem. In 610 AD a man named Muhammad had a very important religious experience at the desert because he had founded the well-known religion of Islam. The finding of the Islamic religion changed the dynamic of the Middle East dramatically in the early 600’s AD. In 638 AD, after the death of Muhammad, Caliph Umar (a successor of Muhammad) led the Muslims to capture the city of Jerusalem. Since Jerusalem was a place the Christians had long considered the Holy Land, the capture of Jerusalem was ultimately the main motive in the start of the First Crusade.
Years later, a battle eventually leads to a letter being sent to Pope Urban II by Emperor Alexius I asking for help. In 1071 AD the Seljuk Turks, a pastoralist tribe that adopted the Islamic religion, had…

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