The World Of The Course Essay examples

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First and foremost, the overall atmosphere and environment this course took place in allowed me to freely express myself, as well as enthusiastically await the opinions provided by other individuals who were partaking in the course. At the start of the course I did not know what to expect. The syllabus provided an overview of the topics that would be covered on a weekly basis, but personally I did not quite understand how watching a documentary was going to completely cover one particular topic. Let alone cover the multiple positions that could be taken on the issue being faced. Like others, going into this course I came in with certain beliefs and values. In particular, the values I held to be true going into the course were equality and compassion. These two values always have, as they will continue, to influence my standpoint on the dilemmas being faced within America. From a young age I was taught that every individual is important, each individual on this planet deserves my equal amount of attention, respect, and care. It does not matter who it is or what backgrounds they come from; what matters is I treat them the way I wish to be treated, with fairness and kindness. At the time, I did not realize how valuable these lessons would be let alone how influential they would become towards the rest of my life. To some extent I grew up shielded from the rest of the world, from reality. I believed everyone else on the planet viewed individuals as I did, blinding myself to…

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