Essay about The World Of School Psychology : An Informational Interview

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The World of School Psychology: An Informational Interview
Janae D Hudson
Columbia College of Missouri Columbia

School psychologists offer a plethora of psychological services and are responsible for the fulfillment of numerous functions and roles within a school or school district. Among these are the conduction of parent-student-teacher interventions, intellectual assessments of students, and assisting in the planning of curriculum. An essential part of the development and evaluation of learning environments, the importance of psychological theory cannot be denied. There is major emphasis in the areas of problem-solving, early intervention, prevention, consultation, assessment, counseling and collaboration in the practice of school psychology. School psychologists work with teachers, students, parents, districts and boards to assess and address the individual and combined needs of students under their guidance (Schiappa, Beaulieu, Wilczenski & Bontrager, 2000).
The World of School Psychology: An Informational Interview
School psychology is defined as the application and use of psychological principles, techniques and theories in the realm of childhood education. Its knowledge base being drawn from fields in its career family, to include clinical and educational psychology, school psychology keys in on the study of individual students’ learning capabilities and adjustment on an educational platform. With origins intimately related to…

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