The World Of Reading And Writing Essay

814 Words Sep 24th, 2016 4 Pages
The world of reading and writing has always been a struggle for me. A constant world of hurdles where either I leap over or barely get by. Throughout my education, I have worked hard to improve my mistakes in reading and writing. Each error brought challenges to overcome, and each challenge took everything I had. Along the way, I not only learned how to deal with the challenges thrown at me, but I also learned about who I am. When I was younger, I had speech problems which made me feel isolated, since few could understand what I was saying. Although I have little recollection of that part of my life, my mother has told me that she would find me sitting in my room repeating words struggling to grasp the enunciation of each one. As a child, I remember having miniature books that contained different reading levels, which over time increased in difficulty. Each night, I would read one or two of the stories in one of the book levels to my mother. She pushed me to work on the words one at a time as I tried to learn to read and pronounce the words correctly. I remember reading one night one of the stories within one book. I had figured out how to read and say the words properly in that one story, and I had little desire to move on. The ability to read that story clearly made me feel accomplished, and I did not wish to lose that feeling. However, my mother refused to allow me to stop there. She continued to push me to master more than one. My desire to speak clearly, and…

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