The World Of Mother Earth And The Actual Land Occupied By The Incas

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There was a certain concern however, with missionaries destroying the Inka spirituality that was associated with the actual land occupied by the Incas. There is a Quechua story that says a ancient Inka civilization married Pachamama, mother earth, which went on to produce human offspring. (Dean 502) This tale and others are representative of the deep relationship that the Inka people had with the earth. In fact, while other civilizations chose to cut through and destroy rock whilebuidling, the Inka actually decided to build in conjunction with natural stone formations. Dean says, “I suggest that the integrated rock outcrop was used by the Inka to express qhariwarmi in the built enviroment. In particular it articulates the coming together of natural and built environments, which is to say, the world of Mother Earth and the Inka realm.” (Dean 505) This style of architecture was not instituted for economic or functional purposes. It was instead because of the unbound respect and deep emotional connection that the Inka had for the earth. This sale of architecture expresses a deep connection with mother earth, and is in direct correlation to the original Quechua story above. Dean puts it perfectly when she says, “[A] relationship of complements leading to a fruitful conjoining (that is, marriage and procreation). Living rock, once merged with an Inka structure, is this relationship made visible.” (Dean 505) Dean shows that the Andean people saw the life in the stones that they…

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