Essay The World Of Literary Analysis

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A lot can happen in just ten short weeks. I feel like I have grown from an amateur writer to a more advanced writer. But do not get me wrong, I know there is still much more room for improvement. The first half of the quarter was focused on the Rhetorical Analysis Essay and the second half was more geared towards the Rhetoric in Practice Project and Essay. At the time, I was just completing these assignments because they were mandatory, but looking back at the quarter I have noticed great improvements and growth not only as a student, but also as a writer. Coming into this class, I had no idea what rhetoric was let alone how to analyze it. Next thing I knew we had to complete a major project where we had to do just that. I had to change my mindset from the world of literary analysis to thinking using the fishbowl method!

This first major project was the Rhetorical Analysis Paper. It was easy for me to understand what was going on within the text since I was very interested in the storyline, but I was just looking at the surface. So coming face to face with this project I struggled with analyzing the situations that were happening. Not going to lie, I was highly discouraged when I received the feedback from my rough draft. I was told that my six pages of content were basically a literary analysis and not an analysis of rhetoric. It made me think that I was doing everything wrong and I would have to start from square one all over again. It was one thing to come up with…

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