Essay about The World Of Latin American Domestic Policy

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With revolutions coming to and Spain no longer having control in was a start of a new age in Latin American domestic policy. It was time for all those countries that had achieved independence to make it on their own. That was the point of those bloody revolutions, to finally get autonomy from the governments like Spain that used countries like Columbia to enrich themselves while paying no attention to the peoples of those countries. Things did not go as planned as the newly independent countries were financially drained and did not have the ability to jumpstart their economies, thus they had to turn to countries like the US to help them. This resulted in countries like the US from controlling parts of the economies from countries that welcomed their capital investment. This resulted in a different type of colonialism where the United States was able to receive large amounts of the money that was made from exporting raw materials. Combined with the fact that a small elite class in Latin America was keeping a large amount of the money made by the ever increase of exports to North America and Europe the lower class swelled. The lower class was treated as cheap labor force that was worth nothing. They could be exploited and they should not expect anything in return it was their obligation to do this. During the time when there was relative wealth there was no progressed made by the governments to try and help the lower class. It was not until a nationalist movement by…

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