Essay on The World Of Human Trafficking

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The world of Human Trafficking is a more advanced system than the people of the world will ever know. This action is an illegal movement of people in order to have them do forced labor jobs. Boys, girls, kids, and adults are traded from the US to other countries to do these jobs. Over the years, the numbers of cases reported has increased because people have stepped up and joined in the process of helping others. This helps catch most of the traffickers in the world. However, the traffickers are not just a one-person profile. Most of the traffickers are a group of high-class people that have enough money to do these illegal acts. High-class societies have connections and use their money or companies to transport the people to them and use them for what they want. Similar to this point in time, Human trafficking was very popular back in the 1400s when slaves were traded to and from the US and other countries. Europe slave traded with Africa, which set the domino effect from there (Timeline 1). After that, other countries began to follow in their footsteps, which started it all. Slaves were traded and sold to do labor work for traders. Human trafficking is caused by government corruption like how it is in this present time. There are many causes to why people take victims as hostage to make them work for them. Some of the main causes are government corruption, poverty, economic instability, and inefficient legal systems (Freese 3). This means that countries have…

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