The World Of Hitler 's Power And The Holocaust Essay

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Justification In the time of Hitler’s power and the Holocaust, the Germans justified the killing of millions of Jews because they stood behind Hitler’s belief that Jews were evil and the cause of Germany’s economic decline after WWI. Genocide, is the systematic method of terminating lived based on religion, culture or location in which they live. Eliminating lives using gas chambers or executing with guns are a couple of examples of genocide used during the time of the Holocaust. Concentration camps were set up to house thousands of Jews and at first they were misled that it was done to protect them, yet that proved false as Hitler ordered them to be put to death. The economic demise of Germany after WWI cannot be placed on the shoulders of the Jewish people, yet as there was a need to place blame; Hitler gained support by indicating they were the cause and needed to be eliminated in order to regain the economic wealth they once had. Nazi Germany justified what is now called the Holocaust in three ways, the idea that all Jews are of an inferior race, Germany 's economic standing was due to the Jews and the segregation of the Jewish people. Hitler claimed all Jews were evil and that they were not a race that was of value to anyone in the world. According to Hitler you could only rule the world if you are strong and fit as the Germans were and not small and weak as the Jews appeared to be. "The Holocaust An Introductory History" talks about how Hitler was able to convince…

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