The World Of Dreams - Original Writing Essay

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The day began with a powerful gust; A cool breeze which swept below the world of dreams. Unsettling enough to wake him from his slumber, his body shuddered in protest. The bitter damp air flooded the stagnant room from the small haphazardly boarded window. All the heat from a nights’ long embrace lost in a few short moments. He opened his eyes. The flood of light poured into his eyes uncontrollably. He blinked. Waking reminded him of something, he wasn’t quite sure what. There was an irrepressible silence conforming around him. It was unnerving that the clatter of the city hit his deaf ears. The day was yet without form.

There was a moment of epiphany when his senses collated into routine. The morning ritual was complete. He sat up on his bed. The crumbling ceiling and profane carpet didn’t faze him. The certain hue of the florescent lighting convinced him something imperceptible was awry. The failure to scrub the walls clean of mangled messages written in etched black was a non-issue. He was a muddled mess. Groggy thoughts scattered as he raised his line of vision to the door. Its rusty orange hinges and peeling yellow paint reminded him of the immediate concerns of life. That is, of his life, the variation of existence he committed to farce away from day to night. He knew it wasn’t a burden to bear.

With a grunt and trivial effort, he raised himself from his bed. He put on his regular outfit; the average white tee with jeans faded from years of use. Running from the…

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