The World Of Counseling Psychology Essay

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Counseling Psychology is a specialty career within the psychology profession that maintains a focus on facilitating personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span ("What is Counseling Psychology", 2015). The world of Counseling Psychology contains a very broad range of practices that help people to improve their well-being, alleviate distress, resolve crises, and increase their ability to function better in their lives (“What is Counseling Psychology”, 2015). It also pays special attention to emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental, and organizational concerns. Other job titles mental health counselor, genetic disorder counselor, credit counselor, and loan counselors are just a few of the other job titles for counselors.
According to O*Net, there are many tasks that come into play when talking about the Counseling Psychologists job field. One tasks that O*Net talks about is to collect information about individuals or clients, using case histories, interviews, observational techniques, and other types of assessment methods (2012). Another task is to counsel families, groups and/or families to help them understand their problems, deal with crisis situations, define goals, and develop a realistic action plan (“Counseling Psychologists”, 2012). And a third task that O*Net talks about is to analyze data such as interview notes, test results, and reference manuals to identify symptoms and to diagnose the nature of clients’ problems…

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