The World Of Chaos And Dictatorship Essay

820 Words Dec 14th, 2015 4 Pages
We live in a world of chaos and dictatorship. A world where you can be killed for having a disability, a world where being too old is a crime, and a world where opinions are never considered. Children are born in factories in test tubes, and our emotions are trapped in a bottle, like a pill we swallow, the poison we ingest. It is what controls our lives. Despite all this, we live in a world that is considered perfect by his Excellency. Hitler, our supreme leader of the United States of America, dictates our world that was once prided on freedom. I lost my husband in World War II, but we all lost more than just loved ones. We lost our freedom. All of the men went to war and all of the women could do nothing more than wait. We waited for the men to return as we watched our beloved country fall apart from economic crisis and turmoil. Our work force had diminished, and so we waited. We waited for our husbands, fathers, and brothers to come back. We waited for them to come back to vitalize the economy once more. For so many days, we waited. For many the wait never ends. As women, we were taught to take care of our home because that was where we belonged. Women didn’t work much; we never had any real-world job experience. So we watched as our country and livelihood vanish and lost our hope of being free again. Fortunately, before this catastrophe occurred, the United States was able to avoid an economic disaster with the helpfulness of women during world war II.…

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