The World Of Artistry Is Wrought With Misinformation And Misdirection

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The world of artistry is wrought with misinformation and misdirection. Some would have you believe that art is hard and takes years of practice to master. However, those people are wrong, and you should feel bad for believing them. While the actual skills involved in painting might require some expertise, you don’t really need to be good at it to be an artist. One of the finest pieces of “abstract expressionism” is literally just four, dark lines on a red background (seriously, it’s called Four Darks in Red, and it’s considered a masterpiece of the 20th century). Naysayers might object saying that such pieces of deep, symbolic, psychological meaning underpinning their simple, yet visceral presentation, but those people are also wrong, and you should feel doubly bad for believing them. The real reason that these pieces are considered fine art, despite their total lack of aesthetic worth, is because their creators present themselves and their works in a specific, artsy kind of way. Though a bit stereotypical, you can’t deny that artists have a common feel to them -- an aura per se. If you want your art to be as respected as the rest, personifying this artistic character is a must. As such, here are the most important customs and habits of the average artist. All artists have a very strict and particular diet -- or lack thereof. It isn’t called starving artist for nothing. It doesn’t really matter if you have the funds for good eats; across the board, artists eat as little as…

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