The World Is Too Much For Us Essay

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Humanity has to Fluctuate In writing I always wondered why I will hear more about what most male writers are doing then female. Is there a real epidemic of competition between the two genders in the writing world? I believe that historical and modern works are the same and each gender reflects on it a divergent way, but has the same concepts. Historical and modern writers such as William Wordworth in “The world is too much for us”, Percey Shelley in “Ode to the West Wind”, Rachel Carson in Silent Spring, Mary Oliver “Wild Greese”, and Edward Abbey in Desert Solitaire all relate with nature in a diverse way. In the writing world both men and women authors impact readers in a compelling aspect through how they convey nature and humanity. The authors preeminent concepts are the future of the new generation by getting educated and exploring if we do not make an adjustment the environment will not advance. I believe both female and male writings have the same connotation and what us as human beings are put on this earth to experience. In the authors works nature is set in place for us to explore and preserve for the future and we are not doing our job as human beings. In Wordworth poem he states “Great God! I 'd rather be A pagan suckled in a creed outworn…”(9-10). He is expressing to God he’ll rather be a pagan which is an irreligious person than a person that is not moved by nature. This statement is what every author rather male or female is trying to get in the reader’s…

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