The World Is Revolving Essay

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Isms The world is revolving. It may seem ridiculous to reiterate this rudimentary fact of science, but it is important in noting that, like the earth, all life upon its surface is in a state of perpetual spin, turning from one phase to another. Human beings are carried through evolution through continuous revolutions of heart, mind, and expression as witnessed in the unending attempts to better oneself, or all selves, through political, religious, and artistic mediums. Furthermore, these mediums often, if not always, correlate, gaining momentum one from another, many times until new order and philosophy are established. Literature, for example, is often inspired by the real events taking place at any given time, momentous or mundane, as a means of commenting on, and raising awareness of, the reality of existence. Growing through countless movements, or isms, literature is not only entertaining, but it is also a necessary mode of human development, providing the minds of many with experiences which they might otherwise never be afforded. Additionally, literature questions the status quo; it prevents the thoughts of the masses from remaining idle and keeps the focus on the growth of human spirit, such as with Romanticism. In the years prior to the Romantic Era, much of mankind had put its faith in the Enlightenment, certain that science and logic would bring about a future in which all of man’s problems could be remedied. The Enlightenment sought to establish concrete…

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