The World Is Not A Black And White Place Essay

1147 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
The world is not a black and white place. While it’s easy to know right from wrong in concepts of killing someone, or a less extreme of lying, it’s also important to note that the entire picture plays a part in the ultimate decision made. My views on looking at the entire picture and recognizing exceptions I believe I fall into the Feminine Moralists. When I think about situations I often see myself trying to think about what options can be taken to resolve the issue. After thinking of some of the options I know of I then have to think about what the outcome may be, who this affect, and what will happen to those affected. One situation that comes to mind would be if my family was starving. What would I do if we were unable to find the money means to buy the food we desperately needed? I know that I would want to feed my family even if it meant stealing, but what would happen if we were caught? Or what if what we stole took away something that someone else needed or resulted in them being worried about being stolen from. I would have to think about all of the options and outcomes and ultimately decide what would be the best given the situation and the outcomes. The one I most relate to secondly would be the Kantian Deontologist. When reading about this view point I found myself agreeing with a lot of it, parts such as the concept of duty. “Duty is the necessity of an action executed from respect for [moral] law” (311) This concept of duty, or the right thing, is appealing…

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