Essay on The World Is Dealing With So Many Tragedies

1595 Words May 21st, 2016 null Page
The world is dealing with so many tragedies; it is headed into a post-apocalyptic status and the next step after that would be extinction. Knowing the government, they are trying to grasp onto the little bit of this we have left, however this means they have to take drastic measures. Since it is year 2213 our technology has advanced a significant amount, giving people the opportunity to live in a virtual reality world, but living in this world would mean I would have to give up my actual life. Making this decision is not something very simple so after much debating I have decided I would take this offer even though this means I leave behind everything and that makes this very difficult but I have really thought about the benefits for not only myself but for others. Even though leaving the real world to live in a machine seems extremely selfish, it really isn’t when the bigger picture is being looked at. The world is falling apart and the fact that this scenario of having people live in a machine for the rest of their lives is being offered is big deal, so that being said going into this machine would benefit the world because of the fact the more people that accept this offer the better chance the world has of surviving. The sad part about the entire situation is we could have stopped this from happening but we didn’t because as people we are naturally selfish, we don’t think about our choices. As humans just do whatever we want because we think we can and that is normal…

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