The World Is Becoming A Much Smaller Place Essay

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The world is becoming a much smaller place and we have to discover how we fit in. We no longer can be ostriches and bury our heads in the sand;, we must learn to communicate and deal with other cultures on a day-to-day basis. Like many other aspects of life, our approach and attitude about the situation can help or hinder the learning—if we are open to explore, the learning can be fun (like learning new recipes, eating interesting food) or if we are not open, it can be like fingernails on chalkboard (for us and those we must learn about).
In many cases, learning about new cultures are not a choice, I have a friend whose new job it is to train the Chinese to take his job (it is going offshore)—pretty hard to have a good attitude about that. My son, worked at Intel and was invited to a Chinese couple’s home for dinner, which was an easy task to have a good attitude about (although one of the cultural things he learned that night was that Americans eat much more food than the Chinese, they offered him seconds and after he accepted something caused him to question them, they said the amount of food they had prepared for that night was the amount they make for themselves for a week). There are many positive reasons and aspects to enjoy about intercultural relationships. Learning about other cultures helps us sometimes see where we came from, it gives us roots; in my case, learning from anyone who came directly from Poland, Wales, England or France would open my eyes to many…

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