The World Is A Vast And Extravagant Place For Creatures Of All Shapes And Sizes

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The world is a vast and extravagant place for creatures of all shapes and sizes. The mean radius of Earth is 3,959 miles. According to James Hopkins, “If you were to take a standard sheet of writing paper .1mm thick and cut it into two sheets, placing one atop the other, it would then be .2mm thick. Cutting the stack of two and making a stack of 4 sheets, it would then be .4mm thick. Believe it or not, if you continued to do this just one hundred times, doubling the size of the stack each time, the thickness of the stack would be 1.334 x 1012 light-years. This is an example of exponential or geometric growth, where the rate of growth is always proportional to its present size”. This growth cannot withhold the animal planet. There are many different types of animals in the world. Many animals are quite similar to each other. Others are quite different. Animals can be classified based on their similarities. From pole to pole the Earth has a diameter of 7,900 miles that is a life support to mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, and many more that have the honor to call this world home. The problem is presented when you add humans into this combination of many different species because humans like to claim their dominance over the rest of the population. The problem is reoccurring and presents itself in the form of humans using their desire to industrialize everything that they come into contact with. Take for example the abundance of grocery stores that are created each and every…

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