Essay on The World Is A Place Of Ongoing Crisis

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The current world is a place of ongoing crisis. People live and survive in a crisis cycle; one crisis after another. Either from natural occurring crisis such as hurricanes or earthquake to man made for example war or poverty. Looking at the present day crisis most will assume that crisis is a variable that is inevitable. However, there are many who disagree with the previous idea. Some believe that since the crisis is created by people it can also be destroyed by its creators. For humans are the cause of war they must be the one to end it. However, to try to end crisis one must first acknowledge its existence.
Out of many individuals who recognize the crisis, there are four different authors who proudly acknowledge the presence of crisis; most importantly, social crisis. These authors are Karl Marx, Upton Sinclair, Howard Zinn and Arundhati Roy. These authors talk about their belief on social crisis and what can be a potential solution for the problem. First of, Karl Marx believes that social crisis is generated between classes; the Bourgeois and proletarians. Second Upton Sinclair talks about the immoral of capitalism and how corporations are exploiting its workers. Third Howard Zinn points out the fact that there is no neutrality when it comes to injustice; one must pick a side. Lastly, Arundhati Roy considered the facts on how a government utilizes its people. The above authors attack all forms of social crisis and what needs to be done in pursuance of justice.
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