Essay on The World Is A Busy Place

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The world is a busy place. Many demands are made on our time. So how do we squeeze in quality time for ourselves?

One thing that I have noticed is people not suffering from Bipolar Disorder, don’t understand how truly draining it is. They make seemingly simple demands on your time and then are confused or even upset when you can’t follow through.

I want to give a glimpse into the Bipolar brain to explain why that is.

First of all, if you have Bipolar Disorder, you probably spend the majority of your time noticing it. You have to. The last thing you want is mania or depression to take over ( OK maybe the mania but let’s face it that usually ends in some sort of regret when the high is gone.)

Due to this constant awareness, there isn’t a whole lot of room for much else. That’s the reality. It can make you feel robbed of your time. If a loved one makes a demand, no matter how small, it can feel like a huge chore. Yes. A chore. It’s not pleasant to go through the motions of Bipolar Disorder only to have to be “normal” on top of it. So please, if you don’t have Bipolar Disorder, take a moment to let that sink in.

Let’s talk for a minute about medication. This is a another factor that can make “playing with the other kids” difficult. If you’re on medication for Bipolar Disorder, you have probably switched it once or even several times by now. This can be quite the roller coaster ride as you are trying to find that balance.

Medications can make you extremely tired and in the…

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